The Black Heart

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The darkest fighting game


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The Black Heart is a two-dimensional fighting game where players can choose between a cast of six different characters to face off against evil beings in a fight to the death.

Although six characters may not seem like a lot, you'll soon find that each character in The Black Heart is totally unique. As opposed to other games of this type, in The Black Heart mastering the style of each one is a real challenge.

For example, using the special attacks of Shar-Makai, a terrible worm with teeth, is not at all similar to using those of Ananzi, the daughter of the prince of the 'other world'. Each one has their own hit combinations and specialties.

As you might expect from a fighting game, in The Black Heart players can play alone or against a friend on the same computer. The only thing you need is two controllers, or to be willing to squeeze together on the same keyboard.

The Black Heart is a truly unique fighting game. From its dark and gloomy atmosphere to its peculiar storyline and visual style and the vast differences between characters, it's clear that we're dealing with a tremendously entertaining game.